Social Wi-Fi for Accommodation Providers

Social Wi-Fi is a brilliantly simple system from Wireless Social (an iknow business).

Wireless Social allows customers to log onto your Wi-Fi by using their social media accounts, like Facebook. We ensure your Wi-Fi is simple, safe and legally compliant. Best of all, you gain brilliant customer data that enables you to market to them using social media and email. What’s more, your Facebook pages gets more genuine Likes and Twitter gets more genuine Followers.


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Wireless Social and iknow

We came across social Wi-Fi in 2013 and immediately saw its wonderful potential for accommodation providers, as well as the wider hospitality sector.

We set up Wireless Social to enable us to market social Wi-Fi to all business sectors.

Our WiFi experts are ideally placed to advise you on providing social Wi-Fi and can offer some great price packages for iknow customers.

Social Wi-Fi

Wireless Social (an iknow business) is a secure, legally compliant public WiFi system that is ideal for accommodation providers.

The key factor is the ability of guests to log onto your Wi-Fi using their social media accounts, like Facebook.

This creates valuable data for you, while also taking care of all your legal and security concerns.

Email Marketing

Social Wi-Fi enables you the gather much more data about your guests (including email address) so that you can market to them after they have gone.

Imagine the value of increasing your repeat bookings by staying in touch with all your guests for years after their stay.

You could promote special offers out of your peak periods and keep customers up to date with all your news and developments.

Providing Guest Wi-Fi

In recent years providing Wi-Fi to accommodation guests is often seen as a necessary cost. But Wireless Social turns this cost into an amazing benefit that enables you to up-sell to guests during their stay and market return visits to them afterwards.

Wireless Social has extensive experience in providing Wi-Fi for hotels, B&Bs and Cottages.

What’s more, our Wi-Fi ensures that you comply with digital legislation and are protected against guests using your broadband to make illegal downloads.

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